How to Disable Horizontal Scroll Bar in Notepad

Notepad is the one of the most used windows utilities. We use notepad to read or write different types of documents especially for writing or editing computer programs. Sometimes when we are writing or reading any program in Notepad, a text line does not terminate. Text is written continuously horizontally and cursor is not moved… Read More »

How to Solve SMTP Error on Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Earlier i was using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service provided by host of my self hosted wordpress blog.  Recently i noticed that this service is not working properly on my blog. Because some contact form on my blog like contact us and write for us are not working properly. I again configured SMTP setting as… Read More »

Add Unique Meta Description Tags to Blogger Blog

Blogger is the one of the most used blogging platform. Blogger provides some of the best features and tools to bloggers in spite of being a free blogging platform. Earlier blogger was lacking the must have SEO feature of inserting Unique meta description seo tags for individual posts. Due to this missing feature bloggers were… Read More »

Trick to Repair Corrupt Windows Installation without Losing Data

Sometimes Windows installation on your computer becomes corrupt due to fault in windows files. So your computer shows a abnormal behavior having problems like your computer hangs while working, it shuts down by own selves, or windows gives some error messages while working on computer. In these situations, You need to re-install window on your computer which… Read More »

Solved – WordPress Image Attachment Template not found

WordPress image attachment template is the page template used to display single attachment image for your blog post images. You can customize this template as per your choice. like you can insert any advertisement code to show ads along with images. This feature can be very helping while creating photo blogs with wordpress. Related: – Solved… Read More »

How-To install phpbb SEO Ultimate seo url MOD

In this article we will explain in simple steps to install the most popular phpbb MOD named ultimate seo url mod. phpbb is the most used free forum software. phpbb is popular due to its availability free of cost and its seo friendly features. phpbb forum software provides very popular MODS like the paid forum software   For example, you can make phpbb forum URLs… Read More »

How-To sign in to Multiple Gmail accounts at same time, same browser

Gmail is the most preferred and most featured free email provider in the present scenario. Gmail provides all the vital features for any internet user. Due to this, Most of internet users prefer to open gmail accounts for their email needs. Sometimes, Gmail users have multiple gmail accounts. For example:-  one for personal use, second for business purposes. Normally most… Read More »